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Ralph Tyler announced the four Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction which are referred to as the Tyler Rationale:

  1. What educational purposed should the school seek to attain?
  2. What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to attain these purposes?
  3. How can these educational experiences be effectively organized?
  4. How can we determine whether these purposes are being attained?


Question one is also explained as “what educational purpose should a curriculum or an instructional program have as its goal” which was also referred to as objectives of the curriculum. Obviously, while I was in elementary and high school I did not know there was such thing as curriculum objectives. However, that does not mean that the objectives were not there. Now looking back and reflecting on my time in elementary and high school and can think of many times that the curriculum objectives were required to be met and were met. Such as quizzes, tests, and final projects. I do think that the curriculum objectives play an important role in the classroom because a lot of learning I focused around them.

I think that there are a few limitations to the Tyler rationale. One thing I noticed was that it seems so old and outdated for us to still be following it in education. When this rationale was created it was made for education systems and society then and not now. Obviously, over the years things and times change so it does not make sense why we don’t look at the rationale and even give it an update so that it would be more beneficial for today.

I think that all four of the Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction have benefits. Because the benefits are short and can be explained in different ways they are easily made sense of. This allows teachers and educators to use the principles to their best ability.



I learned that lateralization is the specialization of the two sides of the brain cortex.

I learned that during adolescence there are changes in the brain that increase one’s ability to control their own behaviors in low and high stress environments.

I learned that scaffolding is giving support to students to learn and problem solve. It does not require a lot of work and it seems like it may have a lot of benefits to it. I can remember times when my teachers gave me supports such as breaking down a problem for me and/or giving me clues or reminders.

I connected with the critical period. There were questions that are often asked, one of them being “can they catch up?”. I connected with this because in elementary school I wanted to switch schools, but my parents were told that I would not catch up if I entered French immersion.

I connected with the fact that visual aids are important for teachers to use. I feel like whenever my teachers used visual aids in their lessons I paid more attention and understood things a lot better. I also think visual aids can make classrooms a more fun and engaging place for students to learn.

My question is what theory or perspective (Piaget and Vygotsky)is more often referred to in schools and/or classes and what one has better learning outcomes?

Self in Relation

In my writing piece I talked about how I grew up as a girly girl. I was in ballet by three, gymnastics at 11, cheerleading at 13. I was exactly what a mom would’ve wished for in a little girl. That has shaped me into the women I am today. I love love love to dress up! My hair is done 90% of the time, and it is very rare for me to get seen without makeup on. My mom did not push me to be this girl. I cried when she put me in skating and I was scared when ball were thrown at me. So hockey or baseball were not sports that I would’ve enjoyed. I loved being a girly girl and I still do. I was part of a normal narrative by being that girly girl.

In a way I found Kelsey’s piece “ I Am Who I Am and I Am Proud” to have some similarities to mine. Her piece went into depth of how she grew up with dress codes disrupting her school time. I was “lucky” enough to attend a school that was not strict with dress codes so I was never asked to go home to change or told what I was wearing was inappropriate. In Kelsey’s writing she said that something she had heard at school was “ you’re distracting the boys.” This Is what is expected in dress codes. Girls disrupt the boys learning, so some may say. I have never heard of a guy being sent home because he was disrupting a girls learning with what he was wearing. That is the normal narrative that girls break the dress code and guys do not. I cannot count the amount of times I personally saw guys at my high school wearing shirts with half naked women, or inappropriate sayings on them. But I can count how many times I’ve seen a teacher tell a guy not to wear a shirt like that. Not 1. Kelsey portrayed a similar message that I did. She did a very good job at it. She also explained how girls can be treated differently then boys. Although the main topic of our pieces were different the ideas of the normal narrative are the same.

I also found Brie’s writing piece “ Writing the Self 4” to be similar to mine. Her piece talked about the first day she started working in a school she felt like she played her gender role. Because “ I was dressed nicely, and hair and make-up done-up”. In a sense that is how many females feel ike they are playing their gender role. She says that it took her “ a good two hours to get ready.” That is crazy, isn’t it? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t do this because I definitely do. But it is crazy to think that to feel like a girl you need to put that much time into things. Last time I checked my brother doesn’t even brush his hair half of the time and he is ready to go. But that’s normal.

I think Brandon’s blog is probably the most different from mine. We wrote from totally different perspectives on how we see and live with gender roles. Brandon introduces that “My parents also believe that it is mainly the man’s job to provide for a family and I would agree with them.” This is different than how my family views things. My mom and my step-dad both work however my mom has a higher income. My step-dad cooks supper almost everyday which doesn’t sound like something that would happen in Brandon’s house.


Kelsey Potoma;

Brie Ford;

Brandon Bezanson;



Learning in Relation

What would it mean for you to engage in this same kind of “troubling” of norms?

For me, this would look like second guessing so many things. It would be to redefine words that I already thought I knew the definition for. Focusing on positive outcomes of words instead of negative words. Including the word ” Handicapped” essentially it means ” cannot”. I avoid using this term at all costs because it is never my place to say some cannot do something. Even though this may be a challenge for some I think that it is an important thing to be open to.
The term ” disability” changes because of the fact that is not solely focused on not being able to do something. It can change to lack of ability which I believe is a better definition for the word disability because people ca always do things they may just not be able to do it to the full ability but they’re doing it to their full ability.

Just because someone may be disabled does not mean that they should be looked upon negatively. There are plenty of things I cannot do but there is plenty of things I can do. All that matters to me is doing anything and everything to my full ability. Even with doing that I may not have the best outcome but that doesn’t mean I should be looked at negatively. Nobody should be.

Writing the Self 4

I was the perfect little girl. I was exactly what you would expect from a little girl in the early 2000’s. I was Daddy’s little girl, as well as Papa’s. It seemed as though a day did not go by where I wasn’t wearing  skirt or a dress. You can bet your bottoms that whatever I  was wearing was pink too. My hair was always done by my mom whether it was braided or curled that morning.  I had the puppy dog eyes, the fake cry, and the innocent smile. I had it all.

By the age of three I was in ballet, just what you expected, right? I did play soccer fir maybe 2 years but even playing that I was still the girly one. I would wear a flower in my hair to soccer. Crazy, I know. My mom probably tried telling me it was a bad idea but I didn’t listen. I danced until the age of 11 and then joined gymnastics and shortly after that joined cheerleading. I never stepped out of my shell as a girl and tried other sports. In Moose Jaw quite a few of the girls I was friends with played hockey and softball. Not me, my mom never signed me up for those sports because I was to much of a ‘girly girl”. My grandma has three grand-daughters and to this day I am the “girliest” one. Man, I still get excited when I get new dresses. I’m like a little kid in a candy shop! Or I am just the stereotypical girl…

Yes, This is proof that I put flowers in my hair for soccer.


Writing the self #3

Grandma, Papa and I were in Vancouver waiting for my mom, brother, auntie, and cousins. I was aloud to fly with Grandma and Papa a few days earlier than everyone else because I was the best grandchild. ( they will tell you a different story) Uncle Lee was getting married and me, my bother, and our cousins were in the wedding party. I had never been to Vancouver before and I was only five years-old at the time. There are very few things I remember. I remember going to the aquarium, seeing totem poles, the rehearsal dinner, and one last thing. I remember seeing someone at the wedding that was A different skin colour than I am. I pointed it out to my mom and grandma and they shushed me right away as though I knew better. But I didn’t know that what I said was wrong. The next day my mom sat down with me and told me that I should not say things like that in public because it could hurt somebodies feelings. She explained to me that just because we all are not made with the same colour does not mean that God doesn’t love all of us the same way and that they are people to and they are just as special as I am. I thin that this helped shape me into the person I am today as I try my very best not to be racist and I definitely  don’t think that being racist or racism is okay.


I was in Arizona during February break a few years back and I was looking for a pair of boots while I was there. I was obsessed with getting a pair of black boots before I went back home. My mom kept telling me that I would probably just have to order some online. We went to the mall a few days later and I was going to every shoe store and could not find a pair of boots. ( not to sure what I expected there to be in Arizona) I was at the far end of the mall and there was quite a few stores that had been closed down but at the very end of the mall there was a little shoe store. They had black boots, It was meant to be! So I asked to try them on in my size and while I was trying them on the worker was talking to me and I had mentioned that I was on vacation. So he asked where I was from and I said “Saskatchewan” and he looked at me with confusion. As he tried to repeat what I said he jumbled it up more and more each time. After that I said that I’m from Canada and then he knew what I was talking about. I thought about it after and I just thought that it was so weird that he didn’t know what I was talking about until I said I was from Canada

The next year we went to Arizona we went to a flee market. It was my first time in a flee market and I definitely did not know what to expect. My grandma had explained it to be a big outside mall, It was not a big outside mall. Instead it was shops beside shops beside even more shops. I was a really cool experience even though it wasn’t a mall. There were quite a few shops that didn’t interest me so I was just wandering around beside my mom and grandma. There was a stand that had lotion made from goats milk and I was all for it. So I slapped some on my hand and it was AWFUL. Worst experience of my life and I highly do not recommend it. My hands were greasy for what felt like hours afterwards. After I had gotten my mom to try it we continued to walk. I spotted a shoe store! My eye light up just thinking up the excitement it brought me. Now of course there were five tables of shoes in a six foot space. As I walk up and down the aisles of this crammed shoe store I am trying my best not to run into anyone and while doing that I cut somebody off. So as a Canadian I start apologizing right away. His response was to laugh at me and I was so confused as to why he was laughing at me and he said “ what are you sorry for dear? You didn’t do anything” and in that moment I realized that as a Canadian we view common curtesy different that other countries.


Writing the Self: Home

As I sit on the couch I can hear him taking ice out of the freezer and putting in his glass, then the liquor cabinet opens and without even looking I know that Crown Royal is being poured into his glass and because of that I know it is five o’clock. As we sit around the table to eat dinner I take a piece of my grandmas chicken that has been cooked too long, some of her store bought salad, and a pile garden beans. But I know what I am about to eat was prepared with lots of love. As we start eating my grandma will talk about the four kilometres she walked the previous evening with her dear friend, my papa will tell her she wasn’t gone long enough to have walked that far. The laughter will start as my papa continues to make snide remarks. This is what every Sunday supper consists of. This is home to me.
At six weeks old I was adopted by mom and dad. At 14 months I had a baby brother. At age 2 my parents got divorced. My mom was really close with her parents but they lived in Moose Jaw and we lived in Meadow Lake. When I was 3 we moved to Moose Jaw so we could be closer with our grandparents. It was just the three of us for awhile. My mom got remarried when I was ten years-old ad we moved into my stepdads house. I wasn’t happy about it as all I ever knew as my home was the one we had lived in previous. We didn’t live there very long because it was too small so about a year or two later we moved again. I was happy to be moving this time though. My parents and brother still live in that house and I just moved out in August.
Throughout the 18 years I have lived I have called many different places home. I have my own house now. I still refer to my moms house as home.. My idea of home has changed a lot in the past few years. To answer the question, my mom and my grandparents are home. They have been my number ones since I was six weeks old and continue to be everyday. For that reason they are home.